If you want to start your own poker website, you’ll need a multiplayer poker script. But what does that mean? Are there any requirements? What do you need to get started? This post will answer all of those questions, and more!

Obviously, you’ll need a brand that people can recognize you with, but that’s more on the marketing side of things. We’re here to talk about the technical stuff! Let’s dive into the first and possibly most important thing:

1. Programming language
When starting your poker website and developing your multiplayer poker script, you’ll need to decide in which programming language you are writing your code. We highly recommend PHP Poker. You’ll need to map out the features you want and need, implement them into your poker script and build out your entire site.

2. Hosting Platform
Once you’ve built your script you’ll need to find a hosting platform. Hosting is your space on the internet where you can upload your poker script to. Once it’s uploaded, you’ll need a domain name that points to this hosting space so players can easily find your poker site.

3. Domain Name
Next up is probably the second most important thing (next to your poker script itself) which is your domain name. This is what your players will enter into their browser address bar to visit your poker site!

Make sure you think about which domain name you are going to choose, as it can not be changed – easily – later.

Multiplayer Poker Script

Our White Label Poker Software Solution: Online Poker Script

4. Setup for growth
Now that you have your multiplayer poker script setup on your hosting and domain, you need to think about growth. If your poker site becomes immensely popular overnight, are you able to serve the players properly? Will your site load in time? Did you take coding standards into account and ensuring that it runs as fast as possible?

That and many other questions could or should come up when you are seriously considering starting your own poker site. As you probably already know, the first impression counts. If you lose a visitors interest when they first visit your site they will most likely never join. Yes, they could. But think about it: if you don’t like something at first glance, how easy is it to change your mind?

5. Maintenance
So now your poker site is ready. You have coded your multiplayer poker script, set up your domain and hosting and are set up for growth in the long run. It’s time to look at maintenance.

To run a small poker site, a shared hosting plan with any of the larger hosting providers will be just fine. If you have more then 100 active players at any given time, it might be a wise move to get a VPS.

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server and gives you more freedom to expand in the future, without your site having any downtime: very important.

Overall it is important to plan your multiplayer poker site project well in advance. Try to think of all possible things that could go wrong and prepare for them so when they do occur, you are ready for it and can act swiftly.

Of course, you can also use an existing online poker script such as the one we have available. This gives you a head-start when it comes to building your multiplayer poker script website and can possibly speed up the process of launching your poker site.

To learn more, visit our homepage and get started today!

Do you have any questions about starting a poker website? Ask them in the comments below!

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