If you want to buy a PHP poker script online, you’ll find yourself looking for a needle in a haystack. Yes, there are many options but do you know which one is the best for you?

In this article, we’ll cover the in and outs of starting your own online poker site, where to buy a PHP poker script online and how you can easily start your own poker site in just a few hours!

What is a PHP poker script

PHP is a programming language that allows you to do miraculous things. There’s a core that includes the defaults such as showing the current date, time, and simply returning text on a website.

When you combine PHP with MySQL the real magic starts. You can save things in the database and based on that saved item, you can show or hide things with PHP or have the code do things based upon that saved item.

A PHP Poker script is a combination of PHP, MySQL, Javascript, and Ajax and allows anyone to start their own poker website like e.g. Poker Stars or Play WSOP. Even without any prior knowledge of running a website or poker site. It is ready to go piece of software that you or your developer can simply install on your domain and hosting package, and is done and ready to go.

What can you do with a PHP poker script

Once the PHP Poker Script is installed on your domain and hosting, you can refer people to it by sharing your domain name and allowing them to signup. You, as the poker site’s admin, will then have created poker tables through the software which they can sit down at.

Once two people who join your site sit down at a table, the fun begins: they can start playing poker – just as if are in the room with each other playing and the actual hand of poker. But in this case it would be remotely and online, 24/7/365 – Isn’t that awesome!?

Not only can you play with friends, but you can also run a poker site for a specific country or even worldwide. As long as your website and domain are reachable across the globe, ANYONE can join in, sit down at a table and play poker with each other.

Benefits of an online poker website

A question we often get is “how can I make money with my online poker site?”. After all, a domain name and hosting do cost money. It is ideal if you can run your online poker website and make some profit to at least cover the costs, right?

It is actually much easier then most people think. Below you will find a few short ideas you can use to earn money with your online poker site, without breaking any local gambling laws:

  • Add advertisement banners. Advertisers will pay you to put their banners on your site. You can, for example, add Google Adsense slots on your tables, lobby and other spots on your poker site. You’ earn money for each click one of your players makes on one of those ads!
  • Offer chips in return for donations. When players join your poker site, its recommended to give those players a number of chips to start playing with. Depending on their skill set they might win or lose and perhaps even go broke. At that moment you can offer them chips in return for a donation. This donation will help you pay for your costs to run the poker site and they can keep playing – win/win!
  • Build a membership site. Another option is to simply charge a monthly fee to become a member of your poker site. E.g. $1.99 per month per player and they get 10.000 virtual chips on your poker site each month to play with.

With just a little creativity you can build a great poker site and community, and make some money along the way!

Do you need to know poker?

No! If you are interested in starting your poker site but have never played a hand of poker in your life, you’re still good to go. Although we highly recommend you do some research and least learn the basics, no poker knowledge is required IF you purchase an off the shelf script that allows you to get started right away.

You’ll need a domain name + Hosting + a PHP Poker Script. Once the script is installed on your hosting you can just visit the domain and the full site will be ready to go and ready to start accepting players.

Where should I buy a PHP poker script online?

There are many PHP poker script providers on the web. Most cost between $5000 / $10.000 per installation excluding the domain, hosting, and customization fees. This means you’ll need roughly $15.000 / $20.000 to run a simple poker site that is customized to your likings.

By the way, the article you are reading right now is provided by one of the best PHP Poker script providers called “Online Poker Script”. If you want a high quality, affordable, and good looking poker script solution: we got it. Contact us today, we’d love to work with you!

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