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In this tutorial, you will learn how to manage and create bots within your software for online poker. Bots can enhance the gameplay experience by providing computer-controlled opponents for players. The tutorial will cover two main aspects: managing existing bots and creating new bots.

Managing Existing Bots:

  1. Access the admin page of your online poker software.
  2. Navigate to the “Bots” section, which displays a table of existing bots.
  3. The table contains columns such as “Name,” “Rank,” “Table / Seat,” and “Delete.”
  4. Review the existing bots in the table, including their names, ranks, and assigned table and seat numbers.
  5. Note that you cannot delete a bot while a game is still running, indicated by the message “Cannot delete while the game is still running…”
  6. To delete a bot, wait until the game finishes, and then click the “Delete” button corresponding to the bot you wish to remove.
  7. Confirm the deletion if prompted.

Creating a New Bot:

  1. Access the “Create Bot” section within the admin page of your online poker software.
  2. The “Create Bot” section contains a form with several input fields and options.
  3. Fill in the following information to configure the new bot:
  • Name: Enter a name for the bot in the “Name” field.
  • Table: Select the desired table for the bot from the available options in the “Table” dropdown menu.
  • Seat Number: Choose the seat number for the bot from the available options in the “Seat Number” dropdown menu.
  • Pot Balance: Specify the initial pot balance for the bot in the “Pot Balance” field. Use a numerical value and ensure it is within the allowed range.
  • Profile Picture: Optionally, you can upload a profile picture for the bot by clicking the “Choose File” button and selecting an image file.

Once you have filled in the required information, click the “Save” button to create the new bot.

The software will process the bot creation request, and if successful, a confirmation message will be displayed.

Congratulations! You have now learned how to manage existing bots and create new bots within your online poker software. By following these steps, you can enhance the gameplay experience for your users by providing computer-controlled opponents. Remember to configure the bots with appropriate names, ranks, and table assignments to ensure a balanced and engaging game environment.

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