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Latest Version 2.5.6 – 17/03/2019

Read the blog post at https://www.onlinepokerscript.com/2019/03/17/ops-update-major-2-5-6/

Version: 2.5.5 – 12/02/2019

New Features:

  • New Table Layout and design: easily make your own templates and add them to your poker site to use on your tables – New play controls, cards, etc.
  • New Player Profile Avatar widget – Made it look a bit nicer!
  • Poker Rules Fully Updated – New images and layout!
  • Game Lobby Updated – Reworded the games table to properly use thead and tbody
  • Admin – Manage Tables – New Edit Table section where you can update an existing table
  • Admin – Manage Members – Much needed and requested, you can now modify players details, chip counts and learn more about a member in their details.
  • Admin – Styles – Reworked, now allows table template uploading
  • Admin – Game settings – made to look and function better


We’ve updated the entire script to support PHP 5.6 and are working on a PHP 7 version as we speak.  Until then, please make sure PHP 5.6 is configured on your server.

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