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On this page we aim to explain what the current folder structure of OPS is in more detail.

  • Admin folder – This folder contains the files that allow the member to modify the site through its settings, create and modify tables, modify members and upload table styles.
  • CSS – This folder contains the core stylesheets for OPS: custom.css contains small customisations to optimise and improve design. poker.css is used to build elements on the poker.php file, the actual poker table players play on.
  • Images – This folder contains all images used throughout OPS.
  • Includes – This folder contains the inner workings of OPS.
  • Install – This folder contains the installation setup wizard for OPS. NOTE: Should be removed AFTER installation!
  • JS – This folder contains the main javascript files for OPS. Some of these are PHP files as we need to include PHP in the JS sections. Those are then loaded inside JS resulting in proper JS output.
  • Sounds – This folder contains the MP3’s that are used during gameplay. Note: FLASH needs to be enabled on the site for this to work. As flash is being deprecated amongst the web we are working to convert these to jquery or js sounds.
  • Templates – This folder container the header, footer and sidebar of OPS.
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