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Game Settings

We’ll go through each setting one by one.

  1. Browser Page Title: This title will appear in your web browsers page title.
  2. Require Email Address: Select if members need to provide an email address when signing up.
  3. Approval Mode: Select automatic, email verification or admin approval. Note: If Email Approval is set, an Email Address is required.
  4. IP Check: Switch this on if you are using your own session based login system. Use with caution, this could lock you out of your system if used incorrectly.
  5. Auto Delete Players: Select if you want the system to delete inactive players.
  6. Server Stake Size: Switch the server stakes size from tiny stakes to high rollers .
  7. “Your Broke” Button: “Turn on/off “Your Broke” module and initial free game stake.

The detailed settings tab goes over the following:

  1. Kick Timer: Controls kicking players repeatedly failing to take their turn.
  2. Move Timer: Controls the time a player has to make their move.
  3. Showdown Timer: Controls the time a showdown hand will be displayed for.
  4. Sit Out Timer: Controls the length of stay on the sit out page.
  5. Disconnected Timer: Controls the time before kicking disconnected players.
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