What you’re about to read is a personal offer from me, Aron Prins at Online Poker Script.

What: Trade-in plan for nulled and modified versions of PHP Poker.

Why: I want to swap your old broken copy of the PHP Poker script with a brand new copy of the Bootstrap version of PHP Poker, now released under the Online Poker Script brand.

I need your help.

I want the inferior product to disappear, and give you the real deal in return.

Here’s what’s going on.

In 2008 a man by the name of Steve Powell created and built a php script called PHP Poker. He registered www.phppoker.net and started to sell his code. After a few sales someone leaked it to the web, forcing Steve to build in a license key system, but after a few more updates and another leak, he gave up. PHP Poker was left to die.

Even though it being hacked, nulled and shared all over the web, the plus side is that I found the script many years later in 2012/2013. I fixed the bugs as best I could and wanted to run a poker site with a buddy. When this failed, I was left with a neat source code that I could resell.

I registered a few domains and started selling copies of “my code”. In 2015 Steve contacted me, notifying me he had found out what I was doing and that he’d like to sell the copyrights of the code to me so I could continue reselling his work legally rather then illegally. I jumped at the offer!

After some haggling we agreed upon a price, the payment was made and he transferred the copyrights to me, Aron Prins.

Immensely happy and proud and excited for what was to come I wanted to attempt to remove the nulled and hacked versions from the web but, as Steve warned me, I was in for a challenge. After many years now a lot of the old versions have been removed by myself and my team or have just faded away over the years with the share and download sites going down.

Now, the dirty bit: there are still people, like I was once too, reselling a modified version of the PHP Poker source code which is labelled as “their own”. They use our core and copyrighted technology to build upon when developing their scripts. Although understandable, without our written permission this is not allowed. Any person who runs a site based upon codes as these are doing so without a valid license, and are subject to a DMCA takedown request.

Instead, we’d rather exchange the software you have for a legitimate copy of PHP Poker ABSOLUTELY FREE OF CHARGE.

To qualify, simply send an email to info{at}onlinepokerscript.com with a link to your existing poker site running and a copy of the source code.

If all checks out and you didn’t just find an old copy (or had one laying around) to get a free new license, we’ll be happy to license your existing site.

How do you know you have an old version of PHP Poker?

– Is there NULLED in any of the file or folder names?

– Are files dating back to 2008 without ever being edited?

– Do you have the files auto_move.php and push_poker.php?

These three are an easy way to see if you are running an illegally modified copy of PHP Poker. We’ve seen attempts to rename folder structure to /Games/Automove.php instead of our original /includes/auto_move.php, but it’s still the same thing and a dirty way to try to hide theft.

Please take the initiative and trade-in those inferior scripts and codes so we can take the criminals down who steal and instead build beautiful poker sites for people around the world to enjoy the game of poker!

Thank you for your time.

Kind regards,
Aron Prins

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