Update: Online Poker Script 2.5.7

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Today we are proudly presenting Online Poker Script 2.5.7.

This is a good one so get ready:

  1. Auto Updates – As of 2.5.7.
  2. Add-Ons System to automatically upload add-ons available on our site.
  3. Backups feature to automatically backup your poker sites.
  4. Improved poker engine and tables,

and so much more!

Watch the video below:

Auto Updates and Backups

online poker script backups

Easily create backups of your poker site

We are especially exited about the backups and updates feature. As of version 2.5.7 you’ll be able to backup and update your poker site with just a few clicks. Inside the new admin panel you’ll find a new panel where you can click the backup button. This will automatically generate a backup of your poker site’s files (not your database) so you can easily roll back after you’ve done an update if needed.

Note that this only works for out of the box installations. If you have modified your site, DO NOT AUTO UPDATE before making a backup as your files will be overwritten. You’ll see a notification in your admin panel that a new update is available. YOU’LL MAKE A BACKUP FIRST because if something goes wrong you can roll back, and try again. If you have no modifications and use our out of the box poker script you’ll automatically get the latest version.

No FTP, MySQL or HTML/PHP work required. Just a few clicks of your mouse!

New Add-Ons System

The new add-ons system allows you to add-on to your poker site. As an admin you’ll now have the ability to simply update, activate and edit the settings of any add-ons we release, and there are MANY on the horizon. This will also help us develop cleaner modifications you request from us and allows you to easily install and manage these across multiple poker sites where needed.

As of writing this article we have our Rake Add-On that allows you to rake a % on all hands played throughout the site and earn chips off. This will make chips evaporate faster and force members to either get new chips in their account or invite more friends for free chips (Yes, that’s an add-on we are working on ;)!).

Next up in our add-ons line is the Limit Players Per Table Add-On – This enables you to limit seats on a table by table basis. The cool part is that this opens up all types of cool changes: allowing heads up poker games, limited seats tournaments and more!

On the development side, we’ve implemented a hooks system that allows developers to create add-ons that add-on to your poker site through these hooks. We will be adding more all the time and are actively working on a development documentation system on our site so stay tuned for that!

That’s it for now – Login to your account and download the latest version and update your poker sites today.

If you don’t have a license yet… Why not? Click Here to lock in your license TODAY – Licenses start at just $299!

Speak soon.



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