Poker Clone – How To Create A Poker Website

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Figuring out how to create a poker website can be a real pain, especially if you have never built a website before. A poker clone software or script can help you skip the hurdles and help you get started right away.

Poker Clone Software

At Online Poker Script, we offer a high-quality poker clone script that installs within 5 minutes. You will be able to install it on your hosting and domain and have full freedom to modify the code in any way you want.

You can modify the core script, edit themes to make your poker site look exactly how you want, and enable/disable add-ons to extend the functionality of your poker site. The possibilities are endless!

After you have installed the poker clone software – or have us do this for you free of charge – you are ready to start configuring your poker website and tweaking the settings to your likings. You can create unlimited tables, allow unlimited players on those tables, and see how they play in the history log. Our Online Poker Script does it all.

poker clone

With the Extended and Ultimate licenses, you will get access to our add-ons library. As of writing this article, you will find a variety of add-ons that will help you add amazing functionality with just a few clicks.

Poker Bots are one of these addons, which allows you to – after you created a poker table on your poker website – add computer players to your tables. This means that even if no other real players are around, there will be a bot player to play against.

The Rake Add-On is one of our most requested features. When enabled you can charge players a percentage of the hand played during the game, creating an income for you as a poker website owner.

Many more amazing add-ons are available – You can learn more about them all by clicking here.

How To Create A Poker Website

The key to any poker website is in getting players to use it. As we just covered, learning how to create a poker website itself is easy. It can be done with just a few steps and installing our software on your hosting.

Running a successful poker website, however, is another thing. You’ll need to start recruiting players or have agents who do this for you. Perhaps you will want to start simple tournaments where the winner takes it all.

Even if you want to offer Omaha, Pot Limit or Limit games, our poker clone software will allow you to accomplish this with ease. Just create the tables and go!

Where To Host Your Poker Site

Hosting is one of the most important things about your poker site, next to the poker clone script and your domain name of course. 

Hosting is your spot on the internet where you can add anything you want – including your poker site – to show the world. What you add and store there, is what people see when they enter your domain name.

When you create a poker website you should be expecting a growing increase in traffic – visitors who will be playing on your site and thus your hosting. Make sure when choosing a hosting platform the CPU and RAM are sufficient so it will be able to process queries in time and to allow for smooth gameplay.

how to create a poker website

Although domain names are usually a one-time fee and non-refundable, hosting however can usually be tried out for 14/30 days. If you find a hosting provider you like, give them a try, and see how it goes. Once you see a stable trend of your poker site and games running smoothly, you can assume its safe to stay with them.

Keep in mind, however, the more players that are actively playing on your site, the more server resources will be required. It is possible that once your poker website starts growing the game might slow down. That is the queue for you to start looking into upgrading your hosting and server capacity. Usually, your current hosting provider can help with this. 


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