Introducing OPS LAB: Levels, Achievements, And Bonuses

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I’m proud to introduce an all-new add-on into the Online Poker Script add-ons line that will help you retain players, and keep them coming back on a daily basis. It’s called OPS LAB, which stands for Online Poker Script Levels, Achievements, and Bonuses.

This amazing add-on is something that I’ve been planning for a few months, and I think it’s incredible how it turned out. Flexibility is a central point when it comes to developing for the Online Poker Script brand, and I think that the LAB add-on has achieved just yet.

Configure Custom Levels From The OPS LAB Admin Panel

From the top admin bar, you can access the LAB dropdown where you’ll find Levels and Bonuses.


On the Levels page, you’ll find an overview of the levels you have already created. If you haven’t created any yet, you can easily add them through the Create Level tab.

You can give the level a number/ID, name, custom icon, configure the achievements a player has to achieve to reach that specific level, how many chips they are rewarded once they achieve that level, and add a description for the level as well.

Add Achievements To Each Level In Just A Few Clicks

What I am particularly proud of is the way you can configure Achievements in the level builder. Simply select an achievement type from the dropdown, and set the requirements for each achievement. I recommend that you stagger the achievements, keeping them the same across all levels, but with higher requirements for each achievement. This keeps players motivated to achieve higher levels, and keeps them coming back for more.

Depending on the achievements set, this also shows the skill level of each player. That’s why we’ve built-in table levels that allow you to block certain levels from joining the table. For example, level 3 players and only play on level 3+ tables. Level 1 players can not join a level 3 table.

Additionally, each player will have their level shown beside their name on a table to show other members what level they are on as well!

Another big stimulus for players to return daily is to offer daily bonuses. Right now, we’ve implemented 3: Daily Login, Invite A Friend, and Complete Profile. All three can be configured to be turned on or off individually and each can have its own chips reward.

Last but not least, we’ve built in a LAB Log that shows you what achievements and levels were acquired by each player, and what bonuses are granted. This keeps record-keeping easy, and ensures that you as an admin can trace back how a player got the number of chips he or she has got!

The OPS LAB add-on is now available in the members’ area for Ultimate License holders. What are you waiting for, try it out on your own poker site!

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