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by | May 14, 2019 | News | 2 comments

Back in 2008, poker game design was a whole different world.  We released PHP Poker around May of 2008 and it’s grown to what it is today: we power A LOT more poker sites then even we realize sometimes, haha!

Even though our table based templates have stood the test of time, we recently introduced a new table layout, template system, and design. It was much needed and after the initial feedback, we discovered it’s not what people hoped for, unfortunately. Though we have made many improvements to both the core code and the poker game design, the tables are not yet 100% responsive. It works great in landscape mode, but the horizontal mode isn’t what it should be. This was acceptable to us.

As we noticed that people wanted mobile over anything else, we grew our team and added more developers and designers. Their core focus was over the past two months to come up with the best online poker experience.

Introducing the all-new Online Poker Script Poker Game Design

We proudly introduce a fully new game design for Online Poker Script. The table designs will make it into core very soon, and we’ll be introducing the FULL design on a hosted solution of our Online Poker Script.  This is for people who just want to rent a poker room instead of starting their own complete poker site.

poker game design

New Poker Game Design for OPS – Hosted

Important was our focus on the mobile implementation of Online Poker Script. Our most requested feature is mobile apps, and if it’s possible to run our poker game design on mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. This new design fixes all responsiveness issues and even forces the player to play in landscape mode for the ultimate user experience.

On desktops, laptops, and tablets, the UX will remain pretty much the same in terms of elements on the page. What’s new is the UI and how everything will be laid out. We don’t want to tease too much of our plans just yet, but some really cool stuff is in the works.

Did you see our last article that introduced automatic updates, re-coded add-ons system and more!? 🙂 That should say enough about the future of Online Poker Script, especially after this reveal and little tease!

If you have any questions please send us an email, and make sure to try our live demo via the sidebar. We’d love to hear your thoughts about our design in the comments, write one below now!

PS: In the background, we’ve been working on our Turnkey Online Casino solution – take a look!

NOTE: This design is as of writing NOT a part of online poker script. Please visit our live demo to see how our software currently looks. This post announces plans for the (near) future 🙂


  1. DJ

    Have to ask when is OPS going to offer more then just Hold’em as a game option. Players are rapidly branching out wanting to play Omaha and some others. At least one poker developer while not unlimited sites ($499 per licensed site) has so many more game selection options. Even a certain developer like Enterra has massive options competitive with the big sites including Things I’ve never seen offered online like OFC. While I agree the presentation issues need to be looked at Aron you’ve got to seriously expand beyond just Hold’em after 10yrs in the market if you want to be majorly competitive with other offerings poker site managers and or owners want to offer customers.

    • Aron Prins

      Hey David,

      Thanks for your comment!

      Many things are developed for customers privately, and we have in fact an Omaha version which will appear as an add-on as soon as we can get to making it.

      That said, it all depends on the support of active license holders to get these developed.

      Hope that helps!



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